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10 Oct 2014

You're in business to make money and provide a service or product. With our 4 step process you will have the needed foundation for building your Online presence to become successful.

Step 1 - Upgrade your site to HTML5 to be compatible with all modern devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. You only have one chance to make a good impression. If your site does not work on all devices, your customers will go to your competition. (Note: HTML5 upgrade is not redesigning your site. It's upgrading the code of your site. Your layout, text and pictures will all stay the same)

Step 2 - Time for SEO so your customers can find you in search engines because we created a solid foundation to send them to. We do not have multiple SEO packages. We have one! Our SEO service includes everything needed to get the job done and done right. PERIOD! On-site, Off-site and it's for EVERY page of your site. Not just your home page.

Step 3 - Implement Social Media now that you have a solid foundation and people can find you in the search engines. Engaging interactively, communicating through social media we are building more awareness about you, your product and your brand. The more live Online publicity/interaction you have, inbound links you attract, journalists/bloggers you bond with, the more web traffic you get. Therefore more likely to increase sales!

Step 4 - The Mobile App! There has been a myth that by having a mobile app, business owners create an additional sales channel. Untrue! We have discovered the point of a mobile application is rather different. A mobile app is a tool! It is an extension of your website! It is used for keeping your clients aware of your service, for increasing the level of customers' loyalty, and for bringing them back to you at the first possible chance. The app should not only solve the problems of a business owner, it should also be useful for your customer. Otherwise customers simply won't download it.

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